Cable Jacketing

Promyde® polyamide forms both internal and external cable jacketing for cable protection and an optimum cable use wherever a Promyde protected cable be installed.

Promyde in different cable types

Promyde PA6 products are our solution for cable extrusion manufacturers.

Their exceptional impact resistance, strength, high tenacity at extreme temperatures, low abrasion, processing performance, good electrical insulation and chemical resistance properties are valuable features that allow a longer durability of the polyamide jacketing.

Typical cable types include shipboard cable, fiber optic cable. Also THHN, THWN, and TFFN cable.

Cable Jacketing Promyde Polyamide

Promyde's benefits in cable extrusion

Promyde PA6 delivers consistent cable thickness in critical micro & milimetrical production processes.

Promyde can be modified to conform to both indoor and outdoor uses with different performance requirements in temperature environments, stationary and moving mechanical environments. 

Main properties for cable jacketing

  • UV protection for outdoor uses
  • Heat Stabilized for temperature environments
  • Electrical Insulation 
  • Mechanical performance for cable protection

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