Cast Film

Promyde® has a wide range of polyamide 6 polymers specifically designed for cast film extrusion. Our products can be adapted to any cast film processing technology, for either monolayer or multilayer films.

Quality and reliability for your film production

Promyde PA6 has high barrier towards oxygen and other gases, aromas and flavours, thermal stability, thermoformability, compatibility with other materials used in coextrusion or laminating.

Our Promyde PA6 range for cast extrusion offers an extremely stable high quality and good processing with one the lowest moisture and free monomer content in the market. 

Promyde Polyamide 6 Cast Film

Wide range of PA6 grades for cast film

Promyde offers a wide vistosity range from 3.3 up to 4.0 viscosity with different additive packages depending on specific final application requirements. Lubricants, nucleants and slip agents are available in our portfolio.

For specific requirements such as extreme transparency, low curling, sealing propertieshigh oxygen barrier or high COpermeability please visit our specialties range.

Our latest development in packaging will extend the shelf life of food thanks to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. More information about active packaging here. 


Specific properties for cast extrusion

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